Lebanese hospital performs first non-invasive valve repair

BEIRUT: The first non-invasive heart surgery was performed in Lebanon Thursday, on a 67-year-old patient who had been suffering from heart failure.

Surgeons at The University Medical Center – Rizk Hospital in Beirut, were successful in repairing the patient’s mitral valve without the need for open heart surgery.

The patient had been “very sick” due to backwards blood flow, according to a statement released by the hospital.

The condition was caused when the mitral valve, which separates the upper left heart chamber from the lower left heart chamber didn’t close tightly enough, disrupting the blood flow.

The procedure, which usually requires “highly risky” open heart surgery, was carried out using a tube-based technique known as the “Mitra Clip,” the statement said.

The catheter, which was introduced through the veins of the heart, was used to clip the leaflets of the valve (that guard the opening) in order for it close tightly – regulating blood flow through the heart.

According to the hospital, the patient is currently in “very stable condition.”

The technique was approved by the European and American Societies of Cardiology for the repair of the mitral valve when the risk of open heart surgery is very high.

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