american-leprosy-bannerThe Leprosy Mission of Nigeria has asked the State Governments for more assistance for persons affected by Leprosy. The request was made by Mr. Steven Okpanachi of Leprosy Mission of Nigeria, Sokoto Project, during a workshop. He said the workshop was meant to develop the capacity of Civil Society Groups and raise public awareness on the plight of affected persons.

Leprosy is caused by a micro-organism – mycobacterium Leprae. The disease is common in Asia, Dubsaliara Africa, and South America. Man is the only source of infection and transmission is through repeated and prolonged skin contact. The disease is treatable but deformities remain. Factors which promote Leprosy include-

a.            Overcrowding and low standard of hygiene,

b.            Lack of early diagnosis due to lack of medical service

c.             Poverty

d.            Ignorance &  prejudice and

e.            Tropical diseases such as Malaria etc.

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