A salt alternative which has potassium in place of sodium has been around in the US for a while but of very little owing to its metallic and bitter after taste. The product is Nutek Salt,  a potassium (KCl) based salt.
Now the company has re-engineered the product with the taste being less metallic and bitter.

According to the President of the company, Mr. Brian, the daily recommended consumption of sodium is about 2,300mg but people consume more than twice that everyday, meanwhile the recommended daily consumption of potassium is about 4,700mg but people take only about fifty percent of that. Mr. Brian says the situation can be corrected by potassium replacing at least half of the sodium in table salt.
Medically, sodium is increases blood volume by encouraging water retention in the body and thereby increasibg blood pressure. It also increases blood pressure by stimulating constriction of blood vessels.
On the other hand, potassium encourages the elimination of sodium from the body thereby  protecting the heart.
Nutek is now set to produce the potassium based salt in large commercial quantity with the acquisition a new factory in the US.

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