Our third attempt at publishing Truhealth has been quite inspiring, more so, because it is on line. We as a team are quite happy. We have succeeded in creating a daily news section to keep our readers abreast with what is happening around the world as regards health.

Our October edition has a lot of interesting articles- Top of the Month is Abnormal Pregnancies.

The essay is on the current doctors’ strike, it was first written in 2008, nothing has changed.

Finally from the 07/10/13, Truhealth is going mobile, courtesy of Etisalat and Huawei. If you are on Etisalat line, all you need do is text Truhealth to 655 and will receive Health Tips every 8 am and summary of Health News every 4 pm. It is called Easynews. What a stimulating name!

We at Truhealth wish you a wonderful month.

The Publisher.