Liberia: Alleged Medical Malpractice Risks Baby’s Amputation

Baby's Amputation
Baby's Amputation

Monrovia — A month old baby boy, born at the Redemption Hospital on Saturday, June 9, risks being amputated as a result of an alleged medical malpractice by staff of the hospital.
According to the father of the infant, Mr. Mustapha Sesay, after his fiancée Aminata Doubuyah, gave birth, a nurse on the ward, tied a plastic glove on one of the child’s legs to administer a medication in its vein. Sesay further stated that the nurse didn’t find the vein on the child’s leg and so moved to its head where he found the vein and administered the medication, later  my woman called the nurses’ attentions to the child’s foot and told them that it had started to swell and was changing color to blue, but the nurses ignored her and left the plastic glove still tied around the baby’s leg. On the third day when the child’s leg completely changed color to green, it was when the nurses untied the baby’s leg and saw that it was useless,” said Sesay.

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Sesay further explained to the media that when Redemption authority knew that they couldn’t handle the situation, on June 22, the baby and its mother were transferred to the John F. Kennedy Medical Hospital. He further indicated when doctors at JFK Medical Hospital examined the child’s leg, he was told the drug had damaged the child’s foot and it could only be saved through amputation, so they were to sign a form for the amputation of the child’s foot.

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