As part of its contribution to Liberia’s post-Ebola recovery, Chevron Liberia and its joint venture partners including the Liberia Ebola Private Sector Mobilization Group (EPSMG), on Tuesday launched the Center of Excellence for Infectious Disease Control at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Monrovia. Mr. Karl Cottrell, Country Manager, Chevron Liberia Limited said the company was excited to be competing the signing of an agreement for a center that will bolster Liberia’s post-Ebola health and infectious disease control.

Chevron is currently exploring for energy resources in deep-water concessions off the coast of Liberia. Working with international and Liberian partners, the company is drilling some of the first deep-water wells in Liberia in decades. As part of the company’s commitment to Liberia, it has created the Chevron-Liberia Economic Development Initiative through which it has invested in a variety of successful programs focused on health, education and enterprise development.

On Tuesday, Mr. Cottrell said when Chevron entered into a Partnership with the people of Liberia in 2010, it made a commitment to help overcome some of the health challenges that were facing the Nation at that point in time. In particular, he said, the company made a commitment to focus on Mother Child Health care and, working with partners like JKF, Redemption Hospital, Grand Bassa Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Kingdom Care, Benson’s Hospital and other health institutions across Liberia, progress was being made in this critical area.

Mr. Cottrell said at the time and even up until a year ago, no one would have predicted the onset of Ebola and the impact that it would have on Liberia. “With the strong collaboration between the Government of Liberia, Government of United States, other international governments, UN agencies, national and international donors, national and international NGOs, private sector companies, media and most importantly local communities leaders, Liberia can truly celebrate success in accomplishing the goal of “Zero is achievable”

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