The Chinese medical team of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of the People’s Republic of China is continuing its outreach and Ebola awareness program at the Norma Williams and Liberia Elementary Schools in Paynesville and Central Monrovia respectively.

Over 500 students from the two primary schools were taught about the preventive methods and control of Ebola Virus Disease.

Dr. Ren Da Jiang urged students to promote effective treatment. Teaching on malaria prevention, Dr. Jiang urged students to use insecticide and wear protective clothing. He told the students to also keep their homes clean to avoid mosquito and malaria. The awareness seeks to educate school going children about the danger posed by the Ebola Virus Disease. The medical team also taught students how to put into practice personal hygiene so that they can keep homes clean and safNurse Dong Jian Ying of the PLA told the students that water, sanitation and hygiene is essential to a healthy life.

According to her, a clean hand is important because it keeps people from coming in contact with infectious disease. Dong encouraged the students to wash their hands frequently in order to live a healthy life. For his part, the Field Commanding Officer of the PLA Shu Qain Wane said the Chinese people have deep affection for the people of Liberia.

Officer Wane noted that because the children of Liberia have a bright and better future, it is important for them to be educated on some preventive measures with regards to infectious diseases. He added that his team’s awareness and training program has reached out to several community schools with over 400 students trained on Ebola preventive methods, malaria, hygiene and other infectious diseases.

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