Liberia: Post Ebola Trauma – Red Cross Offering Psychosocial Support

 The Liberian National Red Cross has begun a three-day community-based psychosocial support training of trainers’ workshop in Liberia. The training brought together participants from across the country to Monrovia, to acquire skills in Psycho-social Counseling. The trainers would then return to their various communities to train others.

Speaking at the commencement of the workshop, Fayiah Tamba, Secretary General of the LNRC acknowledged that the fight against Ebola in Liberia is very critical at this point. “This workshop is very critical because if we look at the way the Ebola virus has affected our people, if you are out there in the community you will experience that someone lost someone and they are recovering from it, or you come across children who are left behind.”

He said the participants have been helping to fight Ebola and they will have to continue to help after the Ebola crisis. Tamba said, bringing a cross section of people together to train is very important for the communities, because the communities are the places where people are being infected with the virus.

Tamba says the LNRC is complementing government’s efforts in dealing with psychosocial problems in the country. Though the cases have reduced tremendously, Tamba warned Liberians to be on the alert for Ebola is still in Liberia and the country has not been declared Ebola free. He said Liberians must tighten their belts to continue the fight until Ebola is eradicated.

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