Liberian Inventor Donates Automatic Hand-Washing Ebola Bucket to Inquirer

A Liberian inventor, Louis Tealeh is calling on the Liberian government to promote Liberia-made products by showing appreciation to the technocrats. Paying a courtesy visit at the Inquirer Newspaper yesterday where he presented one unit of his most recent inventions, an automatic hand- wash Ebola bucket, Mr. Tealeh said he is in the business of producing electronic products.

The Liberian consultant who uses his leisure time to put his brains at work using his hands said he is pleased with all his productions which include the invention of electronic stoves to electric gates and now automatic ‘Ebola’ buckets, a business he has been involved with for the past 35 years. He said samples of the newest invention can now be seen at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where it is being used in the offices of the President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, 10 at the LPRC where he serves as communications consultant, two at the Golden Key Hotel, and one each for Mr. Emmanuel Bowier and Bobby Brown.

Mr. Tealeh said his donation of the invention to this paper is to remind the staff that Ebola is still in Liberia and that the bucket is an additional measure for keeping the employees and visitors safe. He lauded the paper for its good and effective reportage which he said he has been following for the past 15 years.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tealeh said his intention is to take the invention to schools so that the children could use it as government prepares to reopen schools and urged the Ministry of Health to join the government in promoting this invention as it is easy to be handled and used. He further said it is his desire to train some Liberians but frowned on the lack of government’s motivation and support towards the process of making more Liberians scientifically inclined and tapping in the knowledge of others whose passions are to be inventors but do not know how to go about it.

The automatic hand-washing bucket comes in different sizes and are sold for USD$ 100 and US$ 50 while some are for the purpose of charity or advertisement samples. It is a regular rubber bucket with water dispenser to pump the water out, a peddler to allow the water to flow and a symbolic facet. It uses 12-volt batteries.

Receiving the donation, the Managing Editor of this paper, Philip Wesseh, lauded the gesture and thoughtfulness of his longtime friend and promised that the bucket will be an additional

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