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If you are always, you need to get your head out of the cloud and quit this ugly habit. It makes your breath reek, stains your teeth and is responsible for almost all case of lung, cancer, the top cancer killer of women. So, it’s mind-bending that 21percent of female between 18 and 21 still smoke. If you are a part of this group, perhaps it’s because you think you are too young to develop health consequences and that you‘ll quite before 30 [Ask one of the millions of post -20 women who are still addicted how well that line of thinking panned out] To encourage you to kick butt, especially in face of new attempts aims at enticing young women to light up, we’re you in on some little known truth about how tedious smoking is, particularly for females.


.Each time a smoker takes a drag she ingests poisonous chemicals that trigger DNA damage of the cells throughout the body, which can lead to the formation of lung tumours. New research suggests that the female body is less effective at repairing this DNA damage than a man‘s body, explains Claudia Henschke, 0MD, professor of radiology at Weill sCornell medical college in New york city. This could be why women who smoke are two times more likely to get lung cancer than male smoker. Estrogen also seems to boost your lungs cancer risk. The hormone may fuel the growth lungs tumours; Jyoti Patel, thoracic onocologist at North University.

Smoking a little still puts you in danger. Bumming the occasional Cigar or puffing only with pals at a bar makes you a social smoker, that may leave you feeling safe, but its false sense of security. “Any amount of smoke ups your disease odd,” says Norman Edelman, MD, Chief medical officer of the American Lungs Association.

Social smoker are also deceptive because it makes you think you’re not really hooked. But nicotine dependence sneaks up on you. Right now, you only smoke once or twice a week, yet before you realize it, the social ritual becomes full-blown vice.

Puffing in your 20s does long term harm

The effect can endure, even if you do manage to quite by 30. Though the injury is still on whether your risks of cancer and heart disease are higher than if you’d never smoked, your ex-addiction may still lead to illness down the road, and damage to skin cell in your 20s make you prone to wrinkles that won’t fade. Plus toxin in smoke can cause human eggs to die prematurely, so it may harder to conceive child. Stop the excuses and summon the will power to drop this nasty habit for good.

                                                                                                Culled from Cosmopolitan