‘Maggi’ contains high amount of ‘monosodium glutamate’, faces ban in UP

This piece of news may not sound good for many ‘Maggi’ lovers as it may now face a ban in Uttar Pradesh after it has been found to contain harmful chemicals. The two-minute ‘Maggi’ noodles came under regulatory scanner after samples collected in some parts of Uttar Pradesh were tested in the lab and results showed that it contains high amount of monosodium glutamate (MSG) and lead.

Shockingly, it has been found that Maggi contains 17 parts per million lead, while the permissible limit is only 0.01 ppm. According to reports, the Lucknow Food Safety and Drug Administration (FSDA) has initiated an inquiry into the matter. It has written to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) in New Delhi urging it to cancel the licence of Maggi. “We have tested Maggi samples at Kolkata’s referral laboratory. The test results show that there are added monosodium glutamate and excess of lead. We have ordered further sampling,” FSDA Assistant Commissioner Vijay Bahadur Yadav was quoted as telling an English daily.

However, Nestle, which manufactures ‘Maggi’ noodles in the country, has denied adding such harmful chemicals to the product. “We do not add MSG to MAGGI Noodles and glutamate, if present, may come from naturally occurring sources. Food regulators in India also do not specify any limit for the presence of MSG / Glutamate,” a Nestle spokesperson said.

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