Officials at Chilumba Barracks hospital in Karonga the northern border district of Malawi have advised patients to carry their national Identity Cards especially when seeking medical services at the facility, saying the hospital will only entertain patients with national IDs. Speaking during the burial ceremony of Mrs Mkoko who was one of the elderly in Principal GVH Mponera the area of Senior Chief Wasambo, the chief’s advisor Chimungoyera Mhango said time is over for patients without national IDs at Chilumba Barracks hospital. According to Mhango, they got the message from the officials to tell their subjects about the development. However, Mhango said only those who were not eligible to take part in the national IDs will be given the services at the facility. “We have been informed by the Chilumba Barracks hospital to tell you that the facility has stop offering
services to patients without national IDs. Therefore, if you know that you don’t have the national IDs despite being an eligible person
forget about receiving medical services at Chilumba Barracks hospital. What you are suppose to do is to find means of getting the national IDs,” said Mhango. Mhango said that other hospitals are yet to follow suit. Chilumba Barracks hospital is regarded as the best hospital in the area because of the services it offers to the patients. Apart from helping the soldiers, the hospital also give services to civilians surrounding the Barracks.

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