Malawi government on Tuesday signed the memorandum of understanding on traditional medicine with the Peoples Republic of China to enhance traditional healers. Speaking during the signing ceremony in Lilongwe at Capital Hill, Minister of health Dr Peter Kumpalume said this is a way of showing commitment on traditional medicines. “We are drafting national policy once is finalised and adopted, it will provide a framework for a well-coordinated accreditation and registration system for traditional medicine practitioners in the country,” he said. He further said the government through the ministry of health sees a lot of opportunities in advancing the traditional medicine through partnering with the People’s Republic of China. He added that 80% of African estimated population including Malawi use traditional medicine to prevent and cure infectious diseases. “The signing of this MOU is a great milestone in the collaboration between the countries. It is going to strengthen the efforts and gains so far achieved realising that Chinese people are very advanced in the field of traditional medicine,” Kumpalume said. In his remarks the Vice President of National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China, Wang Guoqiang said the main reason to visit Malawi was to strengthen the cooperation between the Ministry of Health in Malawi and in China especially in aspect of Malaria control in the country.

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