A pharmacist has warned people suffering from high blood pressure against stopping to take medication without doctors’ instruction. A pharmacist at Mzuzu Pharmacist, Madalitso Phiri said in an interview Saturday that high blood pressure is causing more deaths in the country due to patients’ negligence to follow doctors’ instructions. “A survey has it that many patients suffering from high blood pressure are dying every day because they do not follow doctors’ instructions on how to take their medication,” he said. He explained that the medication for high blood pressure is supposed to be taken for a long period and one cannot just stop. The pharmacist further said in most cases, patients get tired of taking the drugs every day and abandon their treatment, which leads to untimely deaths. “High blood pressure is a silent killer because it is mostly asymptomatic; you can stay with a rise in blood pressure for weeks, months or years without knowing it. “This causes gradual and silent damage to blood vessels and vital organs including the heart, eyes and kidneys,” Phiri said. “This is why we encourage everyone to have regular checks, including those who are on high blood pressure medication,” he added. Phiri further explained that blood pressure medication is supposed to be withdrawn slowly over a period of time. “Let doctors be your friend on such issues. Do not listen to advice from friends or myths from the society; check with your doctor on such issues,” he advised.

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