Labour has compromised a girl, 16, (name withheld) from completing her Malawi Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education (PSLCE) at Chibavi primary school in Mzuzu.

Another pupil who witnessed every detail of the events unfold tol Malawi24 of the heroic acts performed by the invigilators who took the pregnant child through the ‘push’ drill right in the examination room which was temporarily turned into a Labour ward.

“It was scary. All the other pupils were told to leave the room immediately as our fellow candidate went into labour. The pupils were just sneaking through the windows as the examination room had been turned into a maternity wing. Our friend (the pregnant pupil) was crying with sonic sound as invigilators were telling her to ‘push-push’. Their swift reaction surely saved her” the eyewitness told our reporter.

She girl give birth to a health baby girl and were both rushed to Mzuzu Central Hospital for further medical examination. “It happened on the second day of the exams so she wrote the other papers alone’ said our source. A follow up to the hospital to talk to either health personnel or the girl proved almost impossible for Malawi24 as we were not allowed by her parents.

Investigations indicate that the girl conceived during a night party that was held in Mchengautuba Township where she met another a boy-child, aged 17 (name withheld) for a stint. However, she successfully managed to conceal the pregnancy from her parents until all hell broke loose in the examination room.

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