At a thematic meeting in Lilongwe co-organized by the Ministry of Health and Health Policy Plus Malawi which is aimed to share experiences in motivating young people to participate in YFHS across the country, the Reproductive Health Directorate (RHD), Fannie Kachale has expressed commitment to ensuring that Youth Friendly Health Services (YFHS) are of high quality and respond to the general health of young people especially sexual and reproductive health and rights needs of young people, saying that YFHS are meant to be provided in a manner that protects the health and happiness of young people, build their potential for healthy and productive lives that will eventually improve the social and economic development of the country. “Paramount to the success of the YFHS programme is the motivation for youths to use the services.

These services are meant to be relevant, accessible, attractive, affordable, appropriate and acceptable to young people. Kachale also said that it was encouraging to see more partners committing to the cause of young people at a time when Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) indicators are reflecting negative results such as high teenage pregnancies and high HIV infection rates especially among girls between 15-29 years.
Mtema said YFHS is a multi-sectoral programme that includes comprehensive sexuality education from primary school level, skills development, infrastructure issues, youth civic participation and community acceptance. She said the negative results from the MDHS which is showing an increase in teenage pregnancies should not discourage them but provide an opportunity to re-examine their approach and efforts.”We need to use such meetings to bang our heads together to work out what is best to address the needs of young girls and boys. Boys too are affected only that the health consequences are more prominent in girls,” The county director said.

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