4. Marina Hospital commemorates World Breastfeeding Week.

Princess Marina  Hospital on Thursday, August 1 has started commemorating World Breastfeeding Week held at the Gaborone Main mall with theme: “Breastfeeding:

A key to Sustainable Development while the objective includes informing the public about the new Sustainable Development Goals  and how they relate to breastfeeding infant and young child feeding.

Meanwhile, Breastfeeding week is commemorated every year from August 1-7 worldwide to encourage breastfeeding and improves babies’ health.

A press release from the hospital says breastfeeding provides infant with biologically active components and immunological benefit resulting in less infant illness, decreased healthcare expenditure, decrease maternal absenteeism from work, adding that, it cost less than formula feeding and also develops a special maternal-infant bond, it may also decrease risk of breast cancer and protect against development of childhood and adolescent obesity.

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