The launching of new ophthalmology services at Souillac Hospital on 8 January 2015 has been the occasion for the Minister of Health and Quality of Life, Mr. Anil Gayan to outline the priority areas and projects being planned for implementation in the year 2015. They are:

Cancer Care

In line with WHO recommendations, Human Papilloma Virus Vaccination will be introduced by early next year for the prevention of cervical cancer. A new cancer centre with state-of-the-art equipment, namely a Linear Accelerator with a PET scan, will be made available by 2016 in order that cancer care of the highest international standard be provided to the citizens.


Regarding the Methadone Substitution treatment, a phased decentralisation programme kicked off on 10 January 2015 at Beau Bassin/ Petite Rivière. The aim, overtime, is to wean off clients from this treatment. To meet that goal, a programme will be started soon.

Security and Cleanliness

Existing arrangements concerning the level of security and cleanliness in health institutions will be reviewed in a bid to provide patients and staff with a more conducive environment.

Hospital services

A list of measures will be undertaken to improve hospital services. They include the setting up of information and complaints desks in each hospital; optimum use of operating theatres after normal working hours to reduce waiting time for surgeries: the setting up of a Vascular surgery unit for the treatment of complex vascular diseases and prevention of amputation; the introduction of a strict system of staggered appointment to reduce crowding and long queues as well as establishment of appointments by consultants and specialists in consultation with patients; provision of glucose meters to diabetics receiving medical home care; and education and sensitisation initiatives to enable patients make optimum use of services.

Accident and Emergency Services

The Accident and Emergency Services will be revamped. Discussions will be held this week with a Professor from the University of Bordeaux for training of Emergency Physicians such that the Accident and Emergency Department will be manned by Specialists in Emergency Medicine in three years’ time.

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