MDAs, group urges FGN to Implement nutrition budget in ministries
At a policy dialogue on aligning nutri¬tion policies to the 2017 budget in Abuja, the Project Director of the Civil Society-Scaling up Nutrition in Nigeria (SC-SUNN), Mrs Beatrice Elua¬ka, has advised the federal and state govern¬ments to ensure that the policy on food and nutrition which have been developed and costed is implemented to the later, saying that   The 2013 National De¬mographic Health Survey (NDHS) revealed that about 2 in 5 children in Nigeria are stunted, with rates of stunt¬ing varying throughout the country ranging from 16 per cent in the South East and 55 per cent in the North West.She further called for the full implementation of the costed action plan for the National Strategic Plan of Action for Nutrition (NS¬PAN). While calling for im¬proved funding for nutri¬tion in the 2017 budget by governments at all levels,

Mrs Eluaka advocated for the implementation of bud¬get plans for nutrition in the various sectoral ministries, and “What we have been say¬ing is advocating for bud¬get plans for nutrition in the various sectoral minis¬tries recognizing that nutri¬tion is a multi sectoral issue, and “What we find is that most times there are bud¬get lines and most times the budget lines are not funded, our policy makers said they have recognized the impor¬tance of nutrition as a de¬velopment issue. “Even in Nigeria we are recording a stunting rate of about 37 percent that means that there is a problem with the rate at which we are developing. “That is why we are call¬ing on governments at ev¬ery level to ensure that the policy on food and nutri¬tion that we have developed as well as the costed action plan for the national strate¬gic plan for action for nu¬trition is fully implemented, and “From our research, we found that the most seri¬ous challenge that we have to effectively implement this policy is funding. I think what we need to do is to go back to the drawing board,”

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