MDG_ENThe MDGs office, the Presidency with the  Anambra State Government commenced the payment of five thousand Naira (N5000.00) each to 2250 CCT Beneficiaries from five LGAs (Anambra West, Anaocha, Ihilia, Ogbaro and Orumba North ) in Anambra State on 20th October, 2013. Five communities from each of the selected five LGAs will benefit from the CCT programme in Anambra State.

The selection of CCT Beneficiaries started 26th June,2013 based on the following criteria:

  • Household must be extremely poor.
  • Household must have children of maximum JSS school age
  • Household must have trainable adult or proxy who will be trained in a life sustaining venture
  • Household not having a member who is a salaried staff
  • Household not receiving benefit in kind or cash from any other pro-poor programme.
  • The head of the household is disabled or very sick and therefore labour constrained
  • The head of the household is aged and labour constrained
  • The head of the household has just suffered natural or social risk such flooding, severe erosion, death of breadwinner from accident, life-changing accident, communal conflict resulting in displacement and transient or permanent poverty.


The Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) is a programme for the Eradication of Extreme Hunger and Poverty, No. 1 MDG Goal.  This programme is designed to assist core-poor households in each of the selected LGAs on certain conditions listed below:

  • Children of school age must enroll in school and attend classes regularly
  • Pregnant women must attend antenatal as and when due
  • Children between at ages of 0-5 years must go for immunizations/receive vaccinations.


CCT programme is unique in seeking to help the current generation in poverty, as well as breaking the cycle of poverty for the next generation through development of human capital.

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