A couple in the United States of America (Wendy and Leonard Goldberg) has donated the sum of USD10 million to the University of California, Los Angeles to drive research on Migraine.

Migraine is one the commonest non fatal health conditions in the world but receives little attention because it does not kill.

Migraine is a type of improper functioning of the central nervous system which manifests as widespread body disturbances, some of which are painful and some of which are not. The most disturbing feature of this syndrome is the periodic headache usually referred to simply as migraine.  Migraine headaches differ from headaches due to other causes by having its own characteristic features.

SOME people, especially teenagers or those in their twenties, often get recurrent headaches which are usually severe and are even frequently accompanied by vomiting . Their friends or parents often wonder what is wrong with them and ask repeatedly why they are so “unfortunate”. Those young people are usually suffering from migraine.

The underlying cause of the headache in migraine is the dilatation (enlargement) of some of the vessels carrying blood to certain parts of the brain, why these blood vessels should dilate during certain periods and become normal at other periods are not known but what is known for sure is that anything that can cause blood vessels to narrow down during an attack would bring relief. Also, it is known that some emotional disturbance and eating certain types of foods may precipitate an attack. However the particular food item that would precipitate migraine is one individual may be different from that of another person. Most migraine subjects tend to be obsessional in whatever they are doing and their attacks typically occurs during periods of relaxation which follows spells of intensive activities, thus “weekend migraine” is quite common.

In some ladies, their attacks occur just before their monthly periods begin.


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