Ministry of Health to Introduce New Malaria Drug in Eritrea
The head of Malaria Control at the MOH, Mr. Selam Mehreteab, indicated that the ministry will introduce new malaria drug, Artusnate, starting from the month of September, and the new drug, unlike the previous drugs that were provided to patients in the form of tablets, will be provided in the forms of injection, he further pointed out. 

Mr. Selam also explained that with the good rainy season there is a concern that the malaria case could occur in the Southern, Northern Red Sea and Anseba regions and that the Ministry of Health taking that into consideration is undertaking the necessary preparations. The introduction of the new drug is also part of the preparations being made, stressing that the malaria case occurrence is highly probable in the western lowlands and highlands during the months of July to December and in the Southern and Northern Red Sea regions during the months of October to April and called on the public to take extra measures in clearing the suspected malaria breeding sites.

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