Mizoram takes preventive steps for Japanese encephalitis

4. Mizoram takes preventive steps for Japanese encephalitis
The Mizoram government has taken preventive measures to thwart the outbreak of Japanese encephalitis following reports of the disease in neighbouring Mnaipur, officials said here on Tuesday.

“Senior health department officials met here on Monday and decided to take rapid preventive measure across the state,” an official of the health department said. He said that as part of the measures, Aizawl Civil hospital was designated as sentinel site hospital. Necessary equipments and trained health workers have been posted in the hospital.Expert groups were sent to Manipur to conduct in-depth study on the disease.The official said that anti-larval spray is being done in and around residential houses along with animal rearing areas. There has been no report of any Japanese encephalitis case in Mizoram so far. Japanese encephalitis has claimed two lives in Manipur last week while over 25 persons were hospitalised.
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