NAFDAC searches for safe healthcare practices

Nigerians must acknowledge that positive transformation in every facet of human endeavour is a necessity that must be embraced by any nation that is committed to the improvement of the welfare of its citizens. This explains why the Federal Government alligns with resource driven and globally comparable achievements in virtually all segments of the nation’s endeavour.

And this apparently has been the operational consideration of the Director General of the National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control, NAFDAC, Dr Paul Orhii who has, through sustained and broadened digitalisation of scientific operations, effectively advanced the mandate of the agency.

Orhi has not only adopted the globally applauded technological innovations tagged cutting-edge anti-counterfeiting technologies but has ensured that Nigeria continues to remain a mystery to the global community. To avail the nation of high quality processed consumable food, the agency ensured that decent and standardized production and hygienic practices were adopted and fully embraced by Fast Food Service Centres (eateries) operators while bakers/bakeries were successfully compelled to desist from anti-human health sustaining practices such as avoiding usage of deadly/cancer disease causing Potassium Bromate as dough enhancer.

NAFDAC also ensured maintenance of acceptable global standard for infants/new born intensive breast feeding, introduction of small business support desks/units to develop mini businesses, electronic products registration, the electronic clearance portal to fast track goods clearance at the ports. Other tasks the agency dealt with include Automated Products Administration and Monitoring Solution, NAPAMS, upgrading of its surveillance systems and manpower development via modernized global standard trainings for its workforce, acquisition of electronic database for libraries as well as adoption of mobile applications.

Alternative medicine has not been ignored as internationally acceptable standard of sanity was entrenched into herbal medicine practice nationwide while standardized operating procedures for chemical regulation and control were evolved. Equally risk assessment and field trials for fertilizers were efficiently embraced for adequate control and management of agro-chemicals. Aside emergence of a marine division via deployment of patrol boats to curtail illicit smuggling of NAFDAC regulated products through waterways, the agency also co-opted operators of shipping firms and airline operators into its anti-counterfeiting patriotic exploits. Its sustenance of desk offices in the local government councils nationwide, setting up of regional mega drug distribution centres, MDDCs, and States Drug Distribution Centres, SDDCs, coupled with the introduction of Mobile Digital Water Testing Service System which is the first of its kind in the nation’s history of water packaging regulation and certification for on-the-spot assessment of sachet and bottled water thereby complementing its physical factory to factory inspection.

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