National Health Bill Will Curb Medical Tourism — NMA boss

The National President of  Nigerian Medical Association (NMA),  Dr Osahon Enabulele, on Thursday said the passage of the National Health Bill by the National Assembly  would curb  medical tourism.

Dr. Enabulele said this in Lagos that the increasing number of Nigerians going for medical treatment abroad was worrisome.


According to him, annual overseas medical check-up among Nigerians is a trend that usually has a negative effect on the country`s economy.



“With regard to medical tourism, one way to tackle it I must say is for us to support the National Health Bill. The national health bill shows how to restrict unwarranted medical tourism.



“The national health bill has a provision, the constitution of a body of medical experts, to assess the request of those, especially top political office holders who want to go abroad in the name of attending to some health conditions.



“And that unless that expert body has made useful recommendations to the Minister of Health, you have no reason to use tax payers` money to go on a jolly ride to India or Germany.



“So, it’s for us to champion the passage of the national health bill.



“That national health bill means a lot to us and to Nigerians and medical tourism will be wiped away sooner than later.’’



He noted that the bill signified an important step towards turning around the Nigerian health sector for the better.



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