Nestle Nigeria has reassured to prioritize nutrition, water and rural development to create shared value for the business, consumers, employees and suppliers, as well as their families and communities to ensure competitiveness and commercial success in the long term.

Managing Director and Chief Executive, Nestle Nigeria, Mr Dharnesh Gordhon made this known at the 2014 Nestle Creating Shared Value (CSV) Media Workshop on Nutrition, Water and Rural Development.

In his opening remarks, Gordhon said, “We believe Nestle’s future will be exceptional, forged on our ability to deliver innovative growth in our businesses and value to our stakeholders.
“The shared value we generate will reach far beyond our consumers and shareholders. It will benefit our partners, suppliers and raw material producers; both individually, and in their communities.”

He said, creating shared value begins with the creation of superior long-term value for shareholders by offering products and services that help people improve their nutrition, health and wellness.

Gordhon said, “In addition to nutrition, we focus on water because water scarcity is a very serious issue in many parts of the world and water is quite simply the linchpin of food security. Our company also focuses on rural development, because the overall well-being of farmers, rural communities, small entrepreneurs and suppliers is intrinsic to the long term success of Nestle business.”

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