New Year resolutions fail because of poor understanding of the reasons

New Year Resolutions
New Year Resolutions

According to some psychologists, some people are unable to fulfill New Year resolutions because of lack of understanding of the reasons for the resolution. For example, it is easier to stop smoking if one understands the health effects of smoking. The writer used to like chicken skin but suddenly do not miss it because of he knows the high implications of high blood cholesterol.


A survey in the USA showed that that of those who made New Year resolutions, 71 percent were successful in the first two weeks, 61 percent for one month and 41 percent for six months.   


The experts advise that in order to succeed, we must monitor our progress, get hooked to a friend who will encourage us to succeed and instead of denial, should look for a healthy alternative.


Most resolutions in the study revolved around life style.

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