A professor of stroke medicine at the King’s College, London, Anthony Rudd, has said that there is already an epidemic of cardiovascular disease in Nigeria with 170 people dying of stroke everyday in the country.

Prof Rudd stated this in Abuja yesterday at a lecture organised by the Stephen James’ Stroke Centre of Excellence in collaboration with the SURE-P project, saying that globally, 80 persons die per hour from stroke.

He said, “It will get worse if there is no coordinated approach to prevent it. Two-thirds of the Nigerian population are affected by stroke, making it one of the worse affected countries in the world.”

But the good news is that 80 per cent of stroke cases can be prevented by avoiding sedentary lifestyle, improving our diet, avoiding cigarette and alcohol and early diagnosis.

“With the advantage of becoming an affluent country, Nigerians have the disadvantage of going down with hypertension which accounts for 83 per cent of all stroke cases in the country. People usually mistake stroke for heart attack but stroke which is a disturbance of blood supply to the brain is actually a brain attack and can happen to anyone”.


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