. Nigeria: Demotion, Promotion Allegation Rocks Ministry of Health

There is a brewing tension at the federal ministry of Health following an alleged disregard of Public Service Rules and government directives by some of the newly appointed Chief Executives Officers. Sources within the ministry volunteered to news men yesterday in Abuja, that some of the newly appointed CEOs have undertaken wholesale deployment, promotion and demotion of staff in their establishments in open violations of existing public service rules and disrespect to their parent ministry and the minister of Health. The source alleged that the CEOs of both the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) and the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) have been removing duly appointed General Managers (in the case of the NHIS) and Directors in the case of the NPHCDA from headship of departments and replacing them with junior officers contrary to public service rules and tenure policy of the federal government as it relates to Directors and Permanent Secretaries. Investigation of the situation in the ministry of Health and the NHIS and NPHCDA indicated that the officers affected had not been indicted of any misconduct. The actions of these new chief executives have created institutional confusion and in-fighting within the Agencies. “The story is unfounded, the ED only upgraded Zonal Coordinators of the Agency to Zonal Directors and three Directors were moved out of the headquarters to head three of the six zones in the country. “It’s only upgrade that happened and the movement does not affect seniority in NPHCDA and not a demotion as alleged by your source,” the spokesman said.He added that the development at the Agency does not contravened the public service rules. Also, reacting to the allegation, the Director, Press in the federal ministry of Health, Mrs ‘Aboade Akinola, feigns ignorance of the development but requested time to get clarifications.”I am not aware of such, so I need to get a brief from my Principal. I will talk to the relevant officers and let you have my findings. As soon as the Hon Minister returns I will brief him also”, she told LEADERSHIP Friday.

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