Water vendors in Karu Local Government area of Nasarawa State are making brisk business as a result of dry season, resulting in water scarcity being experienced within the area.

Some of the vendors told the Newman in Karu on Tuesday that dry season has always been a period for them to make more money.

Usman Umar, a vendor told Newman that every business has its own time of booming, saying dry season was always such a period for them to make money in water business.

“You know quite well that as dry season approaches, people are desperately in need of water and as we do not have public taps, it will be difficult for them to get water on time. “People, especially those who cannot afford borehole for drinking water, are now depending on us for water and this makes us more important at this period,” Umar said.

Another vendor, Musa Mamadu, explained that water vendors have always used the dry season as an added advantage to make more money.

Mamadu further explained that vendors almost abandoned their business because of the long rainy season experienced throughout the country last year.

According to him, the demand for water is also an advantage for the private borehole owners to make money too.

“You know there is no public taps within this area for people to fetch water, we are all depending on boreholes, so people have no choice than to patronise water vendors.

Speaking on the charges by the borehole operators, Mamadu said 20 litres of gallon was sold for N10, while “we in turn resell it for N20 to our customers”.

Mrs Esther Udoh, a resident, appealed to Chairman of the Karu Local Government and Nasarawa State Government to come to their aid by providing them with public taps.

Udoh said some water gotten from some boreholes had horrible taste; a situation she believes could lead to outbreak of water-related diseases.

“We are not very sure of some of the water we are buying from some boreholes here; some of them have unpleasant odours and taste when you are drinking,” She said.


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