Nigeria: Expert Allays Fears, As Ebola Scare Hits Lagos

Residents of Lagos and environs have been urged to ignore a rumoured re-emergence of the dreaded Ebola Virus Disease, EVD, in Lagos. The rumour, which began trending on the social media late on the night of Friday April 10, 2015, threw a wide section of the populace into wild panic even as some residents began making preparations to leave the city.

It was gathered that the purported message entitled “Ebola Returns to Nigeria after Killing 3 and infecting 12” , continued to circulate on Facebook, WatsApp and Twitter, into Saturday, the day of the Gubernatorial and States Houses of Reps elections held nationwide. According to the report, one of the alleged victims, one Mr. George Lawal, showed major signs of the disease which caused neighbours to raise alarm.

“He was immediately taken to an undisclosed hospital in Lagos where he later died. Doctors confirmed he was struck with the Ebola flu. They are believed to have made major contacts with at least 12 people who are on the large. Please, share the news and report any suspected victim to nearby authorities,” the message stated.

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