For the managed health care industry to thrive and ensure enrollees are adequately cared for, Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs), Medical Scheme Managers (MSM), service providers and other stakeholders in the sector will have to focus their attention on core functions of keeping enrollees healthy, claim adjudication, resource planning, out source non-core duties, claims payment, and data hosting among others. These, according to stakeholders can be achieved by putting in place policies, setting standards, protocols, guidelines to regulate and improve the quality of healthcare delivery and services in the country. Stakeholders in both the private and public sector as well as legal practitioners, recently converged at a one-day health symposium/ provider forum organized by Novo Health Africa in collaboration with Vita Veritas LLP, law firm to address, create innovative ideas and solutions in health care practice in Nigeria, educate doctors in health care delivery and services of their rights and responsibilities as well as patients rights to improve the system in the country. The symposium held at Ikeja, Lagos, has as theme: “Ethics in Medical Practice: The need for Protocol in healthcare delivery.” The Managing Director/ Chief Executive officer, Novo Health Africa, Dr. Dorothy Jeff Nnamani, who spoke with newsmen said the forum was to address and educate doctors on their rights and responsibilities towards their patients health, and also laying emphasis on the patient’s right and centred healthcare management procedures. She added that the management and care of patients does not just stop in the hospital, but proper documentation in the hospital can affect the patient’s health profile, just as patients have rights and when aggrieved could seek redress, which is why a multi-sectorial approach is used to strengthen and improve the quality of the country’s healthcare system.

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