Experts have enjoined people living with HIV/AIDS to inform their partners about their status. They gave the advice during a health talk organised by the Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria (IHVN) in Abuja to commemorate this year’s World AIDS Day. Mrs Edwina Mang said partner notification was the process whereby the sexual partner of an infected client was informed of the status of their partner. “Over the years, progress has been made by forfeiting confidentiality and giving HIV a face, now is time for behavioral change,” she said, adding that the benefits of partner notification were enormous.


“Apart from financial gains, with disclosure and partner notification, a woman can comfortably present her baby for treatment without the fear of her husband finding out, since he is already aware. It also helps improve family relationship and reduce gender-based violence amongst others,” she said. Cyndee Anthony, Project Officer and Public Health Advisor Division of Global HIV/AIDS US Centre For Disease Control and Prevention Abuja, Nigeria, said the event focused on partner notification because they wanted to encourage confidential disclosure and notification to partners and members of the community.

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