Nigeria : Giving Birth Before 30 Reduces Risk of Breast Cancer.

Nigeria : Giving Birth Before 30 Reduces Risk of Breast Cancer.
An international scientific collaboration led by the Harvard Stem Cell Institute’s principal faculty member Kornelia Polyak, and Saraswati Sukumar, a professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine,

has discovered Breast cancer ranks as one of the most common cancersafflicting women in Namibia as well as globally, and characterizes itself by slow to rapid growing tumors, Young first-time mothers can reduce the risk of breast cancerOne single full-term pregnancy in women in their 20s decreases the risk for estrogen receptor-positive post-menopausal breast cancer, which is the most common form of the disease.An early pregnancy specifically decreases the risk for estrogen receptor-positive breast tumors. The researchers believe the signaling pathways they have identified might be exploited for breast cancer prevention, and decrease breast cancer risk.This means that women obtain a lower risk of breast cancer when they have a full-term pregnancy before they reach 30 years of age, excluding either abortion and/or miscarriage. This occurs because breast tissue formed during adolescence matures during the first full-term pregnancy.Researchers have also confirmed that girls who start their menstrual periods very early have a higher chance of developing breast cancer, with some girls starting their menstrual periods at the age of 8 years, adding that, measures need to be taken to understand yourself and your breasts. First and foremost is a regular monthly breast self-exam.



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