As part of their effort to promote healthy living in rural areas in the state, the Ayofe Health Awareness Initiative, a Non- profit group in conjunction with Medicare Trust Foundation organized an intensive sensitization programme, with theme: “Deworming Our Children: Key to Development” where no fewer than 425 children and 50 adults were dewormed free of charge at Bode-Osi community via Iwo in Osun State.  The organizations also sensitized the people on the importance of deworming children and also encouraged the adults to deworm; explaining that deworming is not limited to the kids only. The Director of Ayofe Health Awareness Initiative, Honorable Adebayo Muritala has described worm infestation as major health problems suffered by children, and stressed that such condition needs adequate attention, explaining that lack of proper and regular deworming could cause stunted growth and hinder intellectual development of children.  According to him, “Sometimes, the children will be treated for headache and pains with no response but when you just deworm, such child will be fine”. “So, having realised that the health of our children is key to development, we decided to organise this programme. The awareness programme covers thirty five villages and it taking place in 5 centres. Our major focus are the children between ages 2 and 14, though we are also including some adults.” “The health of our children is important and relevant to the development of our society because when they are healthy, they will have access to education, they will assimilate well. It is not just about making education free, the children have to assimilate well too.” Muritala has therefore urged parents to deworm their children every 3 month and consult medical experts for necessary advice. “Parents should not limit deworming of their children to this exercise alone. They should do it on a regular basis. They should visit primary health care centres and consult experts and avoid drug abuse which is part of what we are trying to prevent.” The chairman of the partnering group, Medicare Trust Foundation, Dr. Mustapha Hassan has said that “We are here to give health service, free of charge, to those who do not have access to it. The importance of deworming children cannot be overstated. “We found out that worms affect children and adults especially those in rural areas who could not take care of their health appropriately. It stunts their growth and affects their development. It has also been discovered that regular deworming fights against worm infestations and that is why we are here.” A Pharmacist that was administering drugs to children, Pharmacist Kamarudeen Bankole has also said that proper deworming helps children to develop well psychologically.

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