As Nigeria moves to commend one year with no reported instance of Polio, wellbeing authorities in the nation have communicated sharp craving to see the nation fruitful removed the rundown of polio-endemic nations. This is as the nation starts what could be portrayed as a standout amongst the most vital rounds of inoculation to destroy the illness that has executed and damaged millions. In the present commute, most recent satellite innovation is being sent to track groups of vaccinators in Kano State to focus the ranges secured in a move to enhance endeavors to stamp out polio in the nation.

Meanwhile, health officials are posting interesting revelations from the fields, as there have been no reported case of rejection, even in the northern part of the country where controversy over the polio vaccine was stoked. Nigeria has not reported any case of the virus since July 24 last year.

Fauziyya Ahmed, leader of one of the teams deployed for the latest round of immunisation campaign confirmed this to AFP. She said, “So far we have not encountered any resistance from parents in all the homes we have visited. “People now accept the polio vaccine as safe for their children, unlike in the past, when parents were hostile to vaccinators and would call them names.”

The decision to keep close tab on the vaccinators in Kano is also to guard against the event of February 2013, when eight unknown gunmen opened fire on two polio clinics in Kano, killing nine women vaccinators. This led to the suspension of polio immunisation between 2003 and 2004.

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