Nigeria is No.1 in the provision of contraceptives

In the just conclude 4th International Conference on Family Planning ICFP 2016 in Nusa Dua, Indonesia, it was revealed that Nigeria came tops in the provision of female contraceptives in 2013 and 2014 out of top ten providers. Of a total of 8,153,431 contraceptives provided by all ten in the two years, Nigeria provided 3,873,115 (1,835,966 in 2013 and 2,037,149 in 2014).Other members of the top ten are D.R. Congo, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Malawi, Mali, Pakistan and Togo.
Family Planning helps you determine the number of children you want and can cater for and also promotes the health of mother and child.
Contraceptives are widely provided in developed countries.
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