Speaking with newsmen in Akure yesterday, the e governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ondo State, Eyitayo Jegede, has promised to ensure that the mother and child hospital and mega school projects, identified as some of the people-oriented programmes of the Dr Olusegun Mimiko-led administration, extended to senatorial districts that are yet to partake in the initiatives. The PDP candidate said, if elected, he would ensure that the popular mother and child hospital, initiated by the incumbent government, is built in all the senatorial districts in the state, in line with the focus of the government while initiating the programme, and schools that are yet to meet the standard of the Mimiko-led government’s initiated millennium compliant mega schools will be upgraded to mega status. According to the former Commissioner for Justice and Attorney General, his position as an integral part of the current government in the state has given him insight into what could be done to further raise the bar of governance beyond the high level the Mimiko-led government has driven it saying that  the challenges of the time demand that best hand is engaged to address them, adding that he will rely on his understanding of the state and its people as well as his experience as part of the administration for over seven years to identify targets and drive same. Insisting that legacies of previous governments in the state will be protected, the PDP candidate submitted that he will use the experience acquired in government to pilot well the affairs of the state, and that  he had perfected a blueprint for job creation and the growth of the state’s economy to the desired position

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