As part of the commitment to entrench leadership qualities among health professionals, the Lagos State government recently held a Leadership in management training for Medical Directors of the 26 General Hospitals in the state. At the opening of the event that was organised in collaboration with the Healthcare Leadership Academy (HLA) and Health Strategy and Delivery Foundation (HSDF), the State Commissioner of Health Dr Jide Idris, noted that

there had been improvements and significant upgrades in the Health System in Lagos in recent times through a comprehensive health reform agenda. Idris said some of the specific achievements included strong policy direction for health development and the facilitation of relevant regulatory frameworks. Addressing the big picture, Idris indicated that the goal of the reforms was to improve the quality of care and to ensure that care and healthcare delivery in Lagos State is centred on the patient. The training was designed and facilitated by the Healthcare leadership academy and its partner organisation, Health Strategy and Delivery Foundation (HSDF) that has been supporting the State government in improving its performance management.

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