There is mass exit of medical doctors in Lagos state-owned hospitals, due to what they called the administration’s insensitivity to their plight. According to some findings, it shows that about 810 doctors have left the service within two years. In Ikorodu General Hospital alone, about 30 have left in the last one year. The story is not different in other health facilities across the state.

The doctors under the auspices of Medical Guild claimed that most of them have been stagnated and denied promotion for over 13 years and counting. They also alleged that the state government has refused to implement what they described as the “readjusted Consolidated Medical Salary Scale,” CONMESS, for Medical and Dental Practitioners agreed on in 2014. The Guild raised concern that the development in the state service has also resulted in brain drain. According to them, the situation is so bad that even the newly employed doctors who are supposed to make up for the shortage in the system, leave almost immediately. Confirming the situation, the Chairman of the Medical Guild, Dr. Saliu Oseni said even in the hospital where he practises, Ikorodu, not fewer than 30 doctors have left since this year, aside from those who retired from the service. “There is shortage of medical doctors in the state. The bad situation whereby a doctor sees over 80 patients per clinic will be worsened by continuous exit due to lack of promotion.”
Oseni listed the grievances to include; discouragement from further training, through non promotion of those who proceed on such. “Stagnation, demotion and loss of seniority in service are usually visited on those who go for further training,” he added. “We have an officer that joined the service in 1996 and he is going to retire next year on level 14, that means, he has only enjoyed two promotions since he joined the service while his contemporaries are on salary grade level 17 for four years now. We looked through the rules and realised that they say that these people should enjoy their promotions while in training but the system just decided to deprive them of that benefit.

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