An Osogbo based medical practitioner, Dr Kayode Oyebode, has advised Nigerians against exposing themselves to harsh weather conditions to avoid contracting diseases.

Oyebode told the News Agency ofthat most Nigerians were not mindful that the present weather was capable of causing ill-health.

He enjoined parents to also stop exposing their children to the cold weather without considering the health implications.

“Most parents never care weather their children were exposed to cold or not and when the effect arouses, you see them running around for help.

“There are clothes at the market sold at cheap prices, which they can afford, but because they lacked healthy tips, they never cared.

“Also, exercising in cold weather can cause asthma-like symptoms even in people who don’t have asthma and also infections that are dangerous to our health.

“So, there is need for every citizen of the country to take precautionary measures rather than falling a victim of the harsh weather condition,” said the doctor.

According to him, people need to be sensitised by government on health tips, ways of preventing diseases in harsh weather condition, and the precautionary measures which must be adhered to.

Oyebode, however, charged the people to adhere to medical tips and be alert at time, saying “health is wealth”.

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