Nigeria: NGO Wants NHIs to Cater for Kidney Management

Kidney Consultant International (KCI), an NGO, on Friday called for review of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to reduce the financial burden of kidney diseases management. Mr Adebayo Sokunbi, the Operations Director of the organisation, made the call in Lagos.

Sokunbi said that financial burden associated with the treatment and management of kidney diseases had always resulted in the death of sufferers who could not afford the cost of dialysis. “In developed countries, patients don’t have the means of paying for dialysis, but still they get the required treatment. “They are able to access care because their governments pay for them and healthcare is cheap and easy to access.

“The Federal Government needs to review the NHIS to accommodate the treatment and management of kidney diseases. “This will make it accessible and cheaper for sufferers as well as reduce death due to the disease,” he said. Sokunbi also called for regular sensitisation of Nigerians on the risk of kidney diseases and reduce the burden of the disease on sufferers. He said that acute kidney injury was reversible and treatable, if detected at the early stage. Sokunbi also called for regular medical checks for early detection and treatment before the disease gets to the chronic stage.

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