The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) on Wednesday predicted the continuity of poor visibility in Lagos, Ibadan and in other parts of South-west geo-political zone of the country.

The agency attributed the development to the prevailing dust haze that has dominated the atmosphere in the past weeks.

On the contrary however, NIMET said beginning from today, most parts of the country would experience further improvement in visibility in moderate dust haze. In a statement made available to journalists in Abuja, it said there would be moderate improvement in weather condition except for the South-western axis where visibility was still expected to be in the range of 800m to 2000m.

The agency warned motorists and air travellers and operators to seek expert advice on their movements.

The statement added: “However, the poor visibility may re-occur in parts of the country as new episodes of dust outbreak from the source region in Niger-Chad are raised.

“NIMET will continuously monitor the weather conditions as they unfold and provide regular updates and advisories to the general public.”

The statement said that NIMET had in 2014 issued an advisory forecast for dust outbreaks to affect the country during the December to February dry season.

“The forecast predicted occasional outbreak of dust which will reduce horizontal visibility significantly to 1000m and below in some stations.

“This bad weather condition usually cause flight delays and cancellations in airports where horizontal visibility falls below the stipulated minima.”

The statement added that the increase in concentration of the dust particles would lead to colder and drier atmosphere as well as increase in incidences of respiratory disorder.

It acknowledged that in the last one week, severe and widespread dust haze has affected most part of the country, adding that this is as a result of the dust plume raised over Niger/Chad republic and transported by North-east wind over the country; with the poorest visibility concentrated over Minna/Ilorin/Abuja axis.

“Visibility as low as 300m were reported in the central states. The southern states also reported visibilities ranging from 800m to 2000m, while the extreme north of Sokoto, Kano and Maiduguri reported visibility of 3000m to 8km,” it stated.

Current reports of visibility, according to NIMET values across the country have shown improvement except in the South-west axis which is still reporting 700m to 1500m.


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