Human rights lawyer, Femi Falana, has warned Nigerians not to rejoice over the National Health Act just passed into law, stressing that it contains some obnoxious provisions, which allow doctors to cut any human part without consent of the owner.

Falana spoke on Monday while addressing journalists on provisions of the law at his office in Lagos State.

He emphasised that though it (the law) makes comprehensive position on management of health, some sections of it infringe Section 16 of African Charter on People’s Rights, which allows assistance to sick people.

He added that Section 46 of the National Health Act is against people going abroad for medical treatment, while sections 48 and 51 of the law do not allow seeking consent of the people before removing any part of their body.

“We, hereby, call for the law to be repealed. The law must be repealed. It is a very dangerous law, nothing to celebrate on this dangerous law.”

The human rights activist reiterated that by provisions of the law, it has infringed on the constitutional provisions on freedom guaranteed human beings including right to life and the fact that people’s consent would not be sought before carrying out surgical operation on them makes the law barbaric and an attempt to return Nigerians to the Stone Age.

“The law is barbaric and would take us back to the Stone Age. We have been reduced to spare parts. Nigerians should rise against the law and cry out for it to be repealed.”

Meanwhile, Falana urged Nigerians to task their respective representatives at the National Assembly over the law, disclosing that at its public hearing, the legislators’ attention was drawn to the lapses.

“We have pointed out the danger in those sections at the public hearing and they promised to remove them. We drew their attention to the dangers involved, so they have to go back to the drawing table and repeal the law.”

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