EbolaAlert, Nigeria’s official alert platform for Ebola, has said that there is no case of the disease in the country. Reacting to a fast spreading false rumour of Ebola cases in Nigeria, EbolaAlert said on Monday, “The rumour was initiated by an irresponsible blogger who lied that there are cases of Ebola in Nigeria just to generate traffic to her website.

“In order to prevent what happened during the Ebola outbreak where people were told to drink salt water and some ended up losing their lives, we are doing this to let you know ahead of this rumour and to also tell your friends and neighbours. “The rumour is false, there is no known case of Ebola in Nigeria.”

It added that the World Health Organisation (WHO) in partnership with the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control and the Lagos State Ministry of Health have trained hospitals across Lagos and other parts of the country on how to report any suspect case of Ebola. “We will be one of the first to know if there is Ebola in Nigeria and be sure we will notify Nigerians through official and appropriate channels,” it stressed.

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