Nigeria: USAID Saves 38,000 Women’s Lives in Bauchi in Five Years

Targeted States High Impact (TSHIP), a USAID sponsored project, has saved over 38,000 women’s lives in Bauchi Sate through its health care project in the last five years. This was disclosed by the TSHIP Chief of Party, Dr Nosa Orobaton, at news briefing at the end of Project Dissemination meeting held at Zaranda Hotel, Bauchi,on Tuesday.

USAID/TSHIP Project is a five-year project that was launched in Bauchi and Soko states in 2010 to provide quality health services to the citizens, especially women and children. The project serves as technical lead on a number of efforts, including state policies on human resources for health, ward minimum health care packages, pre-service education, state midwifery, and health management information systems.

USAID/SHIP helps the states develop their five-year strategic health plans, which are the framework for comprehensive health care delivery and it supports the Bauchi State Government to set up the drugs and medical consumables management agency (DMMA). Orobaton also disclosed that maternal mortality ratio in the North East stands at 43 out of every 100,000 life birth.

He said: “What we have observed in the work we have done through USAID/TSHIP specifically in relation to use of misoprostol which is three tablets intervention that is ingested by the mother after the baby has been delivered is that there is dramatic re-education in maternal mortality in Bauchi State.

“In order for maternal mortality to really come down in Bauchi at the minimum, we must have coverage that approximates 80 per cent for the tablet and we also need to encourage mothers to work towards having babies in the health facility; these are the steps that need to be taken. “Misaorostol has started very well; it needs to go higher to achieve its target impact,” Orobaton added.

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