Not less than 500 Nigerian youths are presently suffering in Japanese prisons over alleged drugs and other related offence

A Japan- based Nigerian Bishop, Enock Adebayo, yesterday appealed to the Federal Government of Nigeria to urgently take a step to save these youths

Addressing Newsmen in Lagos, Bishop Adebayo, who is the president of Nigeria- Japan chamber of commerce based in Japan advised government to act fast on this issue. The Bishop said he had tried all he could to save the situation but in vain due to large number of offenders and the alleged tepid attitude of the Nigeria embassy in Japan.

Bishop Adebayo stated that most of the youth have engaged themselves in unholy businesses due to lack of jobs and most of them believed there is no future for them in this country. The Bishop said that their chamber has been educating over 3,000 Nigerians among them and he had advised the youths residing in Japan that the future of Nigeria is rosy and bountiful. He also advised the youth to always be hardworking, honest and resourceful in anything they do.

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