More Nigerians risk heart diseases over recession—Cardiologist.
At the National Hospital, Abuja, the Chief Consultant Cardiologist, Dr. Tochukwu Uwaezuoke, disclosed that More Nigerians are now at risk of hypertension and other heart diseases, the Nigerian Cancer Society has alerted,

and described the economic hardship as a stressful condition, which is likely to prompt heart diseases and risk factors like hypertension, adding that, it makes it harder for a person who either has heart disease or a predisposing condition to access healthcare especially as healthcare costs are borne out-of-pocket and there are many competing needs for scarce funds,” He also said economic hardships affect the people in various ways including poor nutrition, poor preventive healthcare, and poor adherence to treatment likely due to costs of medications, among other issues, and therefore called for better government interventions to mitigate the impact on citizens, adding that “This can be done at several levels from the government instituting policies that enable the economy to thrive, improving healthcare facilities making them more accessible and others.”

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