A delegate representing the Nigeria Medical Association, NMA, at the ongoing National Conference, Osahon Enabulele, has canvassed mental and medical fitness tests of Nigerian leaders to ascertain if they could occupy public offices.

He also told the conference that Nigeria was losing about $800 million on account of foreign medical care.

While discussing President Goodluck Jonathan’s March 17 speech to the Conference, on Wednesday, Mr. Enabulele, who is also the National President of the NMA, said giving the leadership problem Nigeria is facing, it becomes necessary to look at the medical and mental fitness of its political leaders.

According to him, political leaders should produce their certificates of fitness while taking their oaths of office.

“A time has come for us to look at the mental and medical fitness of our political leaders,” he said. “When they are taken oath of office, it should be ensured that they also produce a certificate of mental fitness.”

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