Number of kids you are likely to have can be encoded in your DNA: Experts
According to a recent study conducted by scientists, the number of kids you are likely to have can be encoded in your DNA. Scientists say that the genetic data can be used to accurately predict our reproductive behaviour and also the age at which we are going to have our first kid. The study,

led by researchers at University of Oxford, includes an analysis of 62 data sets with information from 2, 38,064 men and women on the age at which they had their first child and 3,30,000 men and women for the number of children. Until now, reproductive behaviour was thought to be linked to personal choice or social circumstances. ”We also found that women with DNA variats for postponing parenthood also have bits of DNA code associated with later onset of menstruation and later menopause,” said professor Melinda Mills. The study shows that DNA variants linked with the age at which people have their firstborn are also associated with characteristics reflecting reproduction and sexual development, such as the age at which girls have their first period, when the voice breaks in boys and at what stage women experience their menopause.

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